Piano Restoration Checklist

Here is a partial list of Farley’s restoration options, with before and after photos:

  • Complete refinishing of the case and hardware
  • All new key levers and tops with ebony sharps and ivoriene or genuine ivory | photo
  • Complete new damper mechanism with new damper wires and felts | photo
  • New or rebuilt key frame: new balance rail pins, front rail pins, replacement of all felts and punchings
  • All new action components: hammers, shanks, flanges, whippens, new back-checks and damper guide rails plus new action rails and flange screws | photo
  • New soundboards manufactured on site, or repair of original soundboard
  • Re-bronzing of cast iron plate or frame
  • New bridge caps
  • Rebuilt lyre including all new bearings, bushings, felts and leather
  • New pin block
  • New tuning pins
  • New strings
  • Rebuilt trap work with all new pins, bearings and leather

For more information about rebuilding your piano, please email our workshop or call Tim Farley at 608.271.2626.

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