Chickering 1904 Model P

Brand: Chickering
Condition: Restored
Type: Grand
Size: 8'11"
Finish: Black
Price Range: $10,000+

The pianos produced by Jonas Chickering’s factory became known for their innovative design and true “old-world” construction. A single glance at the underside of this fully restored 8’11” model P concert piano reveals its secrets- massive interlocking spruce beams doweled in a honeycombe pattern to support a techtonic cast-iron plate and enhance the 15-rib soundboard. The result: a profound bass-range capability coupled with a delicate upper register. It is little wonder that this model was Franz Lizst’s favorite piano. Keeping with this extroardinary example of craftsmanship, every single string of this instrument is individually tied off and knotted.

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