Piano Restoration

Farley’s piano restoration workshop provides the most extensive piano rebuilding services available, on-site in Madison, Wisconsin. Each of the well-trained staff members has a particular area of expertise in rebuilding pianos, and pianos restored by Farley’s hold places of honor in concert halls, schools, homes, and churches throughout the world.

Restoring a piano well requires an incredible depth of knowledge, years of experience, and a rich understanding of the aesthetics of sound. The Farley’s team is led by Tim Farley, who has been a practicing piano technician since he was 17 years old. Tim is a frequent speaker at Piano Technicians Guild events around the country and has trained several technicians.

Tim’s encyclopedic knowledge of grand pianos and historical piano manufacturing processes allows him to judge which instruments are worth rebuilding, and to determine the very best replacement parts for each piano. Favorite candidates for rebuilding include Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, and Chickering pianos from the late 1800s to mid-twentieth century. These instruments are known for superior handcraftsmanship, and high-quality parts made from carefully harvested hardwoods and antique ivory. Historical piano builders used no shortcuts, and wouldn’t have accepted particle board or plastic, even if they had been available.

Tim Farley insists each piano restoration is detailed and thorough, producing an instrument superior to the original piano. Investing in a restored piano can result in a better value than purchasing a new piano.