Digital Piano Specials

Pianos under $1000

Kawai ES110

Get the top-quality touch and tone of Kawai’s most portable and affordable 88-key star. This instrument is perfect for a beginner with a fully weighted and balanced keybed, 19 instrument sounds (including eight pianos!), recording function, headphone jacks for silent practice, and Bluetooth MIDI.

Casio Privia PX-160

A feature-packed, value-priced piano with 88 full-sized, weighted keys scaled to replicate an acoustic piano. Ebony-and-ivory touch key surfaces, Casio’s multi-dimensional sound source, advanced hammer and damper simulator response, and portable damper pedal provide a surprisingly authentic playing experience.

Casio Privia PX-S1000

The winner of four major awards since its introduction in January. The slim, sleek, elegant look and playability of this 88-key, highly-transportable instrument rockets it to the top of both new and advanced players’ wish lists. The four-layer stereo grand piano sound and five-level touch response make it a joy to play and the USB and Chordana Play app connectivity makes it easy to learn to play two-handed piano. The PX-S1000 plugs into a typical 120v outlet or can be powered by six AA batteries.

Casio Privia PX-360

Players at all levels love this portable keyboard featuring 200 onboard rhythms, which add sophisticated excitement to even the simplest “big-note” popular tunes and, when combined with easy-to-use multi-layer instrument samples (550 tones), quickly enhance every player’s fun quotient. The instrument features a 5.3‑inch color touch display for easy access to sounds and rhythms. Packed into this instrument are pitch bend and modulation wheels, a 100‑song recorder and four high‑fidelity speakers.

Pianos under $2000

Casio Privia PX-560

Dollar for dollar, the Casio PX-560 presents more of everything found in the PX-360: more tones (600), more rhythms (220) and more internal recording storage (100 song audio recorder / 17 track 100 song MIDI recorder with song and track editing). The PX-560 also boasts 305 music presets with pitch bend and modulation wheels and a three-knob controller.

Kawai ES8

The ES8 weighs just under 50 pounds and features a powerful built-in speaker system designed for Kawai by Onyo, a leading Japanese speaker components company. When the ES8 portable piano was introduced into the Kawai keyboard lineup, gigging musicians showered it with praise. Kawai's highly responsive RHIII action makes it a dream to play both for the professional and the hobbyist, and with 34 instrument sounds and 100 internal rhythms and accompaniments, it is endlessly versatile and loads of fun.

Kawai CA48

Kawai's Concert Artist (CA) series home pianos are as beautiful to look at as they are satisfying to play. Available in three finishes: Rosewood (Satin Black and White are slightly over $2,000), the CA48 features real, wooden spruce keys engineered with Kawai's exclusive Grand Feel Compact action. It is the most authentic keyboard touch combined with the richest, grand piano sound available in a lightweight, traditionally styled stand-alone instrument. This is an excellent beginner piano and comes with a matching bench.