Frequently Asked Questions about Piano Restoration

How do I know if my piano is worth rebuilding? Begin by contacting Farley’s with any information you have about your instrument, including a photo if one is available. If those preliminary details bode well, Farley’s can schedule an on-site visit to assess your piano and help you determine whether it is a candidate for restoration.

Why are pianos from the late nineteenth century and first half of the twentieth century in such demand? During this time period pianos were built by artisans using simple tools and quality materials. These pianos took months to build and even in disrepair they carry an elegance of sight and sound unmatched by many of today’s mass market instruments.

How long will a carefully restored piano last? The key phrase is “carefully restored.” An instrument restored to meet or exceed Piano Technicians Guild standards can, with good care, last 50 years or more. Mass produced instruments last about 30 years, on average.

Will you take my plans for the piano into consideration? Yes, your playing style, performance space, and preferences will all help determine the choices we make. We invite you, and your family, to visit your piano as the restoration process is underway.

How much does it cost to rebuild a piano? The cost varies depending on the extent of the restoration work. Some pianos may need basic repairs, and some might need a more complete rebuilding. The experts at Farley’s can work with you to determine which services your piano needs and provide an exact price.

How long will it take to rebuild my piano? Generally, the process takes anywhere from five to eight months. More complex rebuilding tasks, such as soundboard or bridge replacement, can take longer.

To learn more about piano restoration, please email our workshop or call Tim Farley at 608.271.2626 ex. 3.