Acousta Grip Protege Pink Violin & Viola Shoulder Rest

Brand: Acousta Grip
Condition: New
Type: Accessories
Size: 1/2-1/8
Finish: Pink
Price: $9.75

- Microgrip Technology: Violinists and violists stay away from adhesive shoulder rests because glue of any kind could damage the instrument's varnish. The AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rest is different. Using hundreds of tiny Microgrip suction cups, the AcoustaGrip anchors itself to your instrument using nothing but air and its revolutionary surface. - Responsive Comfort: Even contoured shoulder rests will restrict your range of motion. What's more, you adjust to the contour of the shoulder rest, not the other way around. AcoustaGrip's responsive, layered foam forms to the shape of your shoulder, allowing greater range of motion and serious comfort. - No Clamps Means Fuller Sound: The sound post, base bar, and blocking of your instrument magnify and direct the sounds made by drawing your bow across the strings. When you hook rubber clamps to your violin or viola's blocking, you inevitably dampen your instrument's projection. That's why the AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rest attaches securely to the base of the instrument, avoiding the instrument's major acoustic components.

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