We frequently receive beautiful letters from owners of our rebuilt pianos, and enjoy hearing how these exquisite instruments have touched your lives.


March, 2018


I have had the BEST time today playing that piano. Songs I haven’t played in years...songs that I was scared to TRY to play for fear of NOT being able to play them anymore...have come back to me, first to my fingers and then to my eyes. It’s been so, so wonderful. I can just picture my grandma working away in her kitchen listening to me while I practiced those same songs on the BOU in her basement. Thank you for all of your patience in this process, and please extend my thanks to all who worked on the piano and bench for me. I am so excited to have it as a part of my home!



June, 2017

Dear Tim,

Kate Blumenthal just emailed me a photo of her piano - so lovingly, beautifully restored by you. She sings your praises. Please let me join the chorus.

How wonderful it is to see your life in action - from your friendly curiosity in the nitty-gritty to your consummate skills in bringing forth a renewed voice. To give Kate the chance to enjoy artistry - 1st in your artful rebuilding and then in a chance for her to play her best self.

It is so moving, so encouraging to see such concern, such caring for what is truly, transcendentally important in life. We need you, Tim.

Thank you


Note from Jane

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October, 2016

Dear Renee and Tim,

What an incredible joy it was to be with you this past weekend and play with such fantastic colleagues as Daniel, Lucille and Roberto.

I wanted to thank you again wholeheartedly for making such an event happen.

The pianos were exquisite, and the whole ambiance and reception truly special.

There are VERY few places like Farley's House of Pianos, if any. I cherish the time we spent together.

A big hug and thank you again.


Alon Goldstein

August 20, 2016

Dear Tim & Renee,

I wanted to take this opportunity to give a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing the piano for the Whad'Ya Know? radio show for the last 31 years. Not only making sure the instrument was of excellent quality, but tuning and doing any repairs before each show. Looking back I am amazed at the incredible pianos you provided. You have also graciously provided pianos on a number of my gigs and concerts over the years, and what can I say, I've been spoiled.

Your great techs in the shop and incredible tuning have been a pleasure to work with. New pianos or meticulously restored, you guys are world class. Your support of Jazz and Classical is second to none and again a hearty "thanks man" to everyone at Farley's House of Pianos!

John Thulin

April, 2016

Tim - thank you for such a wonderful piano. I felt that it could reach to every nuance I asked of it and that is very special for me!

Warmest Wishes,
John O'Conor

Note from John O'Conor

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February 21, 2016

Farley's House of Pianos has the greatest variety of pianos, and great craftsmanship, restoration and tuning.

For many years I have been featured as a guest artist at Farley's and I have had the pleasure of having one of the[ir] great pianos in my Trio.

You have to go there to see and hear for yourself!

- Greg Abate
International Jazz Saxophonist/Flutist

February 13, 2015

A letter from composer David Mahler about the Mason & Hamlin piano that he purchased from Farley's House of Pianos.

Letter from David Mahler

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September 28, 2014

Dear Tim,

Please accept this very long overdue thank you for the magnificent 1929 Steinway B I had the great fortune of purchasing from you in 2007. Not just a vintage Steinway, but a vintage Farley Steinway, the fruit of uncompromising craftsmanship from two legendary workshops. As much a joy to play as it is to behold, it is my most prized possession. Never have I enjoyed owning anything as much as I do this piano.

John K.

March 17, 2014

Praise to Timothy Farley! It is simply amazing how he manages to restore old pianos and to bring them to new life again. Of course, his new pianos are very good as well! Tim’s secret: thorough knowledge of his craft and excellent workmanship.

- Paul Badura Skoda

September 9, 2013

Dear Renee and Tim,

Diana and I would like to thank you SO SO MUCH for incredible opportunity to perform at Farley's House of Pianos!!!

Your place is very unique. As pianists we couldn't wish for better pianos and conditions. Your piano choice is ALWAYS right. You feel the smallest details of a composer style and you know without any doubt what piano would be a great fit. Your audience is very educated and intelligent and You are educating people. Your pre-concert lectures are very helpful from artist's point of view and needed for a number of reasons. First of all, your guests talk not only about music but also about culture in general. After concert evening people go home with a feeling of discovering and learning something new! They enjoy and have fun and study at the same time. The other aspect of your concert evenings is young faces. Let's be honest, the majority of people who attend classical concerts is 60+. It doesn't happen in Farley's House of Pianos. I see more and more young faces who enjoy classical music because of you!!!!!

Renee and Tim! Thank you a lot for everything what you do for classical music, for your contribution in culture and education, for your huge help musicians!!!

With a great respect

Diana and Stasi.

February 21, 2012

To everyone at Farley's House of Pianos,

This letter is an attempt at conveying our most deep and sincere thank you for our beautiful piano. It cannot possibly be adequate because there are no words sufficient enough. We are quite breathless with all you did, all you accomplished, all you put into this stunning instrument we have back in our home.

You may not all realize how much this piano means to us. It is one of the earliest memories of my dear grandmother's home, (Mrs. Wilsa Arthur, an extraordinary musician), that I have. It has been a part of our sons' lives since they were born. And it will hopefully continue to grace their home for decades. It will be played by beginning students as well as accomplished players. It will bring unbelievably beautiful sounds to all who hear it.

So thank you for your care, your skills, your workmanship, your ears. We are so very grateful.

Alison, Al, Max, & Willy Jewer

November 13, 2011

Dear Tim,

On behalf of all of us at Christ Presbyterian Church, I would like to thank you for the outstanding work you recently completed on our Baldwin piano! The reviews are in, and they are overwhelmingly positive. The touch and the sound are so vastly improved that it seems as though it might be a different instrument entirely, but no - there is the same beautiful instrument that has been gracing our Chapel since 1992!

Annetta Rosser would be thrilled to know that her lasting legacy is now an instrument more perfectly suited to its time and space. I know that her daughter, Edwenna, will be grateful to know that the generous gift she gave on her mother's behalf has been used to accomplish this. Your good advice as to what needed to be done, and the completion of the work by your skilled technicians have given our piano a wonderful new lease on life.

All best wishes for the continued success of Farley's House of Pianos - Madison is the better for it!

Most sincerely yours,
Kathleen Otterson, Director of Music & John A. Rafoth, Organist

November 7, 2011

Dear Tim,

Thank you so much for the marvelous evening of music and friendship you gave us last weekend. Alan was amazing. It was great fun to hear everyone play!

And thank you especially for the phenomenal work you did on our piano. It is such a joy to play now - like never before. I feel so incredibly lucky to have such an exquisite instrument in my home. Thank you!

Best regards,
Christie Roberson

July 15, 2011

Dear Tim and Rene,

Thank you so much for donating the use of your fabulous Steinway D at Overture this summer! It was fantastic to have such a beautiful, responsive instrument at my fingertips. And it matched the Capitol Theater piano so well. (As if that were a surprise!) The two-piano concerts were great, extremely well-received, and would not have been possible without your generous help. Thank you again! And thank you for coming to so many of our concerts - it was great to see you there!

With all best wishes always,
Jeffery Sykes

July 2010

I walked into Farley's and was immediately charmed by its 'no-frills' atmosphere. The focus was clearly on the beautiful pianos they were selling and not a 'showy' showroom. It sounds silly, but that reassured me I was in the right store.

Amanda was a real delight to work with. I told her what I was looking for, which happened to be digital, and she immediately showed me some options. Being an amateur player myself, Amanda helped out by performing some classical works on each of the pianos I was considering. She even gave me a full tour of the warehouse and workshop just because I was curious to see their operations. I stopped back three times before I purchased and each time she was more than happy to help.

We're very pleased with our purchase! It looks great in the living room and we've had a lot of friends and family compliment and play our beautiful Kawai digital piano.

Danny Atwater & Joey Broyles

November 2009

Dear Kay,

Doug and I would like to thank you for helping us select and purchase our beautifully restored Mason & Hamlin piano. We appreciated how knowledgeable you were in the initial "tour" of Farley's. Your warmth and enthusiasm for the pianos was infectious.

When Doug arrived home the evening after the piano was delivered, he sat down on the bench immediately and played "Moonlight Sonata." I have to confess that, that afternoon after the delivery, I completely neglected all the other tasks I had planned for the rest of the day and sat at the piano with my new instruction book for two hours.

We consider ourselves blessed to be its current care-takers.

We feel so fortunate to have happened upon Farley's that Saturday afternoon in October. Thanks so much for your kindness and attention.

Mary Jones
(Owner of a restored Mason & Hamlin BB from 1910)

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